Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gertie's New Book For Better Sewing Launch Party! Woohoo!

Last Saturday I had the fabulous opportunity to go to Gretchen Hirsch's book launch part for her book Gertie's New Book For Better Sewing.  The party was held in benefit to the Pets Alive shelter where Gertie herself got her three furry pals.  (Lou and I will be getting our next kitten there I am sure)

I went by myself which was a big deal, even though I am a pretty out going person.  This was my first experience going to a crafty event like this and I was nervous! Would there be anyone for me to talk to? Would I stand in a corner alone and be a sad sack? Would everyone else know each other except me and I would be that one crazy fan?

I stood outside of the Sewing Studio on 29th and 7th (my old stomping ground back when I went to brought back a lot of memories) took some deep breaths and said to myself "I am crafty, creative and nice. It will be a good night!"

Let me tell you I had so much fun.

ME and Patty (Gertie's Mom!)
First thing when I walked in the gal at the check in desk complimented me on my dress, which was the Burda Shirtwaist that I wrote about here and here which I had just the franticlly finished the  button holes hours before. That started the evening off with a bang. I met a bunch of wonderfull people, including Jessica Pigza of Handmade Librarian and Sarah Goldshadt whose book Craft-A-Day will be coming out next month.  The founder of Kollabora was there, Nora Abousteit, as well as some people from Creativebug, the web-hosts of Gertie's new online classes. (I got a 1 month subscription and I am dying to try a few...OK, all of the projects).  I met Gertie's mom and dad, who live near my hometown of Flagstaff AZ and we talked about local eateries and hangouts.  I even got my book signed by Gertie herself, (she said I look amazing in plaid). She was absolutely as nice and gracious as she seems. 

When I got home though, I realized I had forgotten to take any pictures! Dag nab it! Then, low and behold, when I checked Gertie's Blog yesterday....THERE I WAS!!!!! (Can you tell I am excited about this? I don't all -caps-bold for nothing!)

It was is an honor to be pictured on Gertie's blog, but even more so to meet all of those wonderful people.  Every one there cares passionately about creativity, and craft which is really neat.  It's not everyday someone asks you if you used your walking foot to match the plaid or how you basted your seams. I can't wait till my next event. 

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  1. Your dress turned out gorgeous!! Frankly, matching plaid scares me...I'm pretty new to the sewing world, so that project is a ways off as of yet.