Friday, September 7, 2012

Why hello Darbalou!

Me outside the courthouse! 
So... I am working on the shirtwaist posts, but in the meantime I have some super exciting news that I wanted to share with you! I am now officially a business owner! I went to the Queens county court house today and got a Business Certificate then went straight to the bank to open an business account and get an IEN.  I feel very grown up about it all!

I had been quite overwhelmed by the whole process. My mind is not altogether linear so it is hard for me to wrap it around legal terms and requirements.  The first time I actually went to the court house  forgot some papers I needed and I felt like a schmuck.

But when I went today, it was easy as pie! The guards were nice, the notary helpful and I had a wonderful conversation with the certificate lady about her old boxer. It was grand. (except I lost my car and had to walk around for 20 min beeping the key thing to find it, but don't tell anyone about that) Plus I was their first Business Certificate of the day! I thought that was a good omen dont you?

So now, I am proud to announce the official opening of .... (cue fanfare please)

Darbalou is a children's costume/dress up company we have been working on for a while. My goal is to make really awesome children's dress up clothes that are washable, easy and super fun to wear. When I was a little kid playing dress up was my favorite thing in the world.  Putting on a discarded bridesmaids dress (about 10 sizes to big mind you) could transport me to ancient Egypt, a royal court, the Organ trail, or anywhere else I could think of.  I think it is so important to encourage kids to flex their brain grapes. So, my husband and I decided to start a company with just that in mind. (his name is Lou BTW, that's where the Lou in Darbalou comes from.

Here are a few things I have made so far. 

So the deal is that the photos above are all the same "dress kit". The bodice is reversible and there are 2 skirts, a bustle, an apron, a blouse and a cloak. The combinations are pretty extensive. The photo above is kind of confusing, but I will figure out a better way to demonstrate its versatility. We also make capes and tutus. And flower girl dresses. And hopefully a ton of other stuff.  It will all be on Etsy very soon. I just have to finish editing a few more photos!

Here are picture of one of the tutus...
The waist band is elastic so basically anyone can wear it. I am actually going to be making a few of these for Minneapolis' Frank Theatre for a silent auction. Tutu cute.
And the Flower girl dress
This was actually just a mock up, but I think it turned out very well. I will post pics of the final ones someday.
Any who, that's all I got for now. I hope tomorrow (Saturday) I can whip something up to wear to a birthday party I am going to. Due to time constraints it has either got to be a pencil skirt or a blouse. I dont think I can do both. Wish me luck!!

Also, any advice about how to show that the costumes are versatile and mix-and-match would be swell.


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  1. Congratulations on the business! That is an exciting that I share with you. Though mine is rather in its infantile stages compared to your realized one! :) I love the business name...unique and meaningful.