Monday, September 3, 2012

The Essentials List

 The Essentials List...

Patricia Franchini in Breathless

Patricia Franchini in Jean-Luc Godard's 1960 film Breathless has a certain something, dont you agree? The film itself is, of course, an essential member of the canon of film history. And yes, I enjoyed it. But I enjoyed watching Ms. Franchini much more. Her quintessentially cool looks remain burned in my mind when ever I think of Paris, let alone bohemian chic. But it is also her seemingly perfect travel-go-with-the-flow wardrobe that makes me swoon...just a little.

I want to set forth to create a foundation of perfect pieces of clothing, that mix and match and incorporate all of my own go-with-the-flow ideas of style.  Kind of like having a bucket of Legos you can pick from to build whatever you want, except in clothes form, and maybe less primary colors.
Finn Stone‘s LEG-GO Stilettos

So here is what I want to make first, the blocks in my Lego bucket of home made and hand made clothes!

Blouses - to wear out and feel pretty, but also for every day wear!
  • blouse with fitted waist and scoop neck, hip length (variations include neck ties, collars, boat necks, cowls side zip, back buttons and front buttons)
  • long sleeve menswear shirt in a plaid or chambray, hip length, fitted in the waist,  with yoke and cuffs
  • tunic top, fitted in the shoulders, bust and waist, hits to mid thigh with a little flare and pockets
T-shirts - for lazy days
  •  length and color are key. Lower scooped neck in fabulous jewel shades
Jeans/pants - only dark colors please! and no distressing or whiskering!
  • high waist trouser pants with a wide leg in a stiffer denim 
  • high waist pedal pushers (vintage style!)
  • skinny "tuck-in-boot" jeans with a higher waist and tight leg
  • boot cut perfection to wear with flats and one to wear with heels
  • black tuxedo pants for special nights out
Skirts - The best lengths for me are just below the knee and tea length. I dont like A-line skirts. I think they look dowdy.
  • high waist pencil skirt (that doesn't ride up) and comes to just below the knee
  • full dirndl skirt vintage styling, comes to just below the knee or a little longer
Dresses - oh beautiful dresses
  • shirtwaist dress
  • fitted sheath
  • full skirt party dress
  • the hostess dress (with matching apron?)
  • winter jumper (maybe in corduroy or flannel to wear with some awesome blouses?!)
  • bolero (in double knit, crepe or worsted wool)
  • classic denim jacket a la James Dean
  • trench coat in a fabulous color
  • melton wool winter coat 
  • weather beater*  jacket, in something waterproof and warm, (yay Gore Tex!)
Shoes that are awesome (though not make-able)
  • knee high boots
  • oxford heels
  • penny loafers
  • wooden clogs
  • espadrilles 
  • wedge ankle booties
  • canvas sneakers (keds or chucks) 
So this is it folks. My list. I am sure I will add more and take some away. But I think it is a good starting point don't you?  I have a few of these made already and I will post pictures of them soon. But first on deck to make is the....

Shirtwaist Dress!

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