Friday, May 10, 2013

Summer sewing bug

Why is it that when warm weather comes around I always get the itch to stitch? Does this happen to anybody else? 

This past spring I have been nose to the books because I went back to school. Despite taking only three classes I have been working pretty hard! It's all about getting back into the groove I guess. But now as the semester starts drawing to a close I am finding it harder and harder to stay away from my beautiful Bernina! 

My machines got a little attention though because I got the chance to participate in a fashion show at Queens College. It was a great experience although a little haphazard on my part.  I had no idea what I was going to do until I was actually doing it...but I think it tuned out pretty great. (For some reason this is the only photo I took! Isn't the model fabulously gorgeous?!)
Basically I took 2 yards of black tubular rib knit and cut it into a super long continuous 1 1/2" wide strip. I am talking super long- probably 100yards. Then I started at the "bottom" and serged in a circle (probably 3 yards around). As I sewed up the body of the dress I tightened or loosened the tension (with my hand not in the machine) to shape the skirt and bodice. This was similar to making a clothes line basket   After the dress body was finished I dunked it in some bleach to create that awesome fiery look. (Very Hunger Games , though that wasn't my intent). I might do a little how-to if I get to it. :)

Now I am turning to more projects for me. I made a dirndl skirt and most of a blouse. I am having a little putting the collar on it though so now it is waiting for a little more time and brain power. 

Do you have a list if must-makes for summer? Mine seems to grow larger daily! 


  1. This dress is fabulous. Very inventive with the bleach effect.

    1. RhondaBuss you are fabulous! After all this time you are still reading my silly blog! If I loved in Chicago I would hug you! Thank you :) P.S. I love your Sunday soups!

  2. Gorgeous dress! I agree, the bleach was a brilliant idea and turned out great.