Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

In March I decided to cut my hair off. I hadhad short hair before and I felt like it was time to do it again. My hair is quite thick and it was getting really long and heavy and it was a huge pain to blow dry. So I went to Aveda and CHOP! All gone. Sigh.

At first I was going to go for a bob, but when I was there I just decided to bite the bullet. I loved it...at first. Now I am having some serious regret issues! I have been having dreams that it has grown back and I wake up happy, until I realize that I still have this wonky short hair! True, it can be pretty cute, but I just feel like I shouldn't have been so drastic.

Apparently I just cant help myself. Today I decided that what I need is a different color! That would pull me out of my short hair doldrums! So I purchased a box at Rite Aid (John Frieda Cool Espresso Brown) and some color conserve shampoo and conditioner. I think I like how it turned out, although it is a little ombre becuase the ends were more porous. I am thinking/hoping that it will fade to all the same color.

I still want to grow it out though. Any suggestions ? I have been Google-ing short vintage hair styles for inspiration but there really aren't many. Maybe some in the fifties and sixties, but the forties are void of short hair.

I suppose the question is why am I obsessing over this?
 Answer. Procrastination.


  1. You look amazing! I really love the short do and the new color is lovely as well. If you let it grow out, maybe something whispy...I like whispy:-)

  2. Thank you for sharing how you feel about chopping your hair off...I have long hair and have played around with the idea of cutting it really short-- I don't think I could do it all at once like you did! The color is perfect...it really brings out your eyes (as much as can be seen in a photo over the internet, anyway) and makes your skin glow. The way you styled your bangs with the new color is also so pretty...like that one best. I hope you 'grow' to like your new due!