Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Broadway Silk Store, Astoria New York

Every week I go to a Weight Watchers meeting on Broadway and 36th street. This week I made an unbelievable discovery!

The Broadway Silk Store. Located at 35-11 Broadway, this place is gem of Astoria. From the outside it looks like a hold over from by-gone days. But inside it is clean and well organized fabric store. All of the fabrics feel a little vintage. I am not sure how often their merchandise is updated but I also don't care. This is the kind of place where you find one of a kind floral Crepe de Chine and perfect plaid taffeta's that no one else will have.

Not only that but it doubles as a cute little gift shop with hip items like mustache mugs and miniature felt creatures. Although this little store doesn't boast the curation of some of the more Brooklyn-y gift shops, it does very well with what it has. The whole feeling of the store seams to gel. And there is a ginger cat with a fabulous poofy tail! I have a feeling he is the in-house muse. Or maybe he just prevents in-house mouses. Ha! Doesn't it look so wonderfully inviting? I am sure I will be patronizing this store in the very near future! There goes my pin money!

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