Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Book Review - The Sewing Answer Book

So my sweet husband came home with a gift for me the other day. He had found a copy of           The Sewing Answer Book (by Barbara Weiland Talbert) on one of those second-hand-book tables that exist around New York.  He bought it for 1 dollar! You can buy it for quite cheap on Barnes and Noble too.

I really liked this book. I wish there were more pictures, but as far as a sewing books go this one was great. It answers many seemingly random sewing questions in a coherent way and also gives excellent tips. I was very impressed.  Several times I was actually bowled over by the smartness of the tip and thought...why didn't I think of that?!!

I have to say however my favorite tip went something like this...
"If you cant see it from a galloping horse, dont bother to re-do it."
That might become my new motto.

Second favorite is
"Tape paper bags to your sewing and cutting stations so you can toss out threads as you snip them."

(I might have paraphrased a little on the exact wording of the quotes.)

What is your favorite sewing tip? I would love to hear about that one thing that you know and no one else does about sewing.

My awesome tips?

  1. Use soup cans as pattern weights
  2. A great way to make a cutting table out of your regular table is to use bed risers under the legs. They add usually 6 inches or more of height! You can buy them at Bed Bath and Beyond as well as IKEA and probably Target.

I have more but I cant give them all away now or you won't come back to my blog! 

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