Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hello, my name is Darby, and I am addicted to sewing.

Hello, my name is Darby, and I am addicted to sewing.

This is my heart on sewing.
And this is going to be my support group. 

Its funny because I used to think sewing was such a hassle. There are so many other faster ways to get my creative groove hot glue or modge podge for example. But somehow, I dont know, maybe I grew up some and gained some patience. A stitch in time right?! Er, maybe that is the wrong colloquialism in this instance.

And my creative endeavors always had a erratic nature. And two thirds of the time I would never finish or I would half ass it and end up with a piece of junk.  I know how to sew pretty well, I actually went to school for it. (costume and fashion) But when I sewed for myself, I always took short cuts and I never liked what I made.  So, why bother?

A few weeks ago I discovered Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing. There was something about this blog that I really fell in love with.  Maybe its the wonderfully personal way that Gertie writes or that she has an actual direction that she is trying to go. Or maybe, just maybe I feel like we could be friends IRL? (isn't that what blogs are kinda about anyway?) Her blog got me thinking... I need direction. I need a focus, a goal, and motivation. But what ever could it be?!

Well, here it is!

Ready?  (I am not asking you, I am asking me, because, once this gets out into the ether I can't take it back. Ack!!!)


My goal is to STOP buying clothes. Really. Stop buying clothes and make them instead. All of them! And one piece at a time...create a whole handmade wardrobe. (excluding socks and sweaters for now. And also under...things) I thought of calling this idea slow fashion but turns out that already exists.  and anyway this feels more personal. Like getting back to the root of things.  Does that even make sense? And anyway, this probably slower than slow fashion.  Maybe its the molasses fashion movement? I will think about that later.

Anyway, here is what I have to do. 
  1. Make a list of items that are essential for a well rounded wardrobe.
  2. Decide what I want to know. Because I want to know how to do this really well.
  3. A big part of this whole blog thing for me is wanting to show-as-I-go. That means tutorials! Yay!
  4. I would really like to create some sort of community. Please be my friend! (ok, that might sound kinda creepy and sad)
  5. This doesn't have to be all about sewing for me. I also do lots of other crazy crafty stuff that I want to show. (kids costumes and such)
Here we go!!!!

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  1. Hi, Darby.
    I just found your blog of those long, multiple-window bunny trails. :) I love your voice and focus of your blog from the few posts I've read so far. I'm one of those people who likes to start from the beginning and work my way up. So, I think I'm gonna work my way through your entire archives...please don't think of it as stalking...let's view it as a friend you've never met catching up on old news. :)